A month or two into moving into Auroville, I had a conversation with a yogi over dinner.

One that evidently made an impact on me cause those of you who know me, know how I have the memory of a goldfish and so I was evidently very shaken about it cause I remember this oh so vividly.

We were in a large group that we met at dinner and when he found out I was in fashion, he asked me what I felt about it. Of course, the 21 year old fresh fashion graduate went on a rant about fashion and my personal journey of expression with fashion. After my rant, he simply stated that he thought the world would be better without fashion.

He flung that around with such ease to my disbelief. He believed it was the one industry that could go. Of course barefooted, with a wardrobe of 3 garments, he could feel that way, I told myself and shrugged it off. Even though he let me get away with the winning argument that night by understanding how many people the industry employs and the crafts it gives life to. Although, to be honest I think mostly it was because he was aware of how much he was annoying and upsetting me.

He merely put it to me this way - Fashion works on want. You need perhaps a dozen garments. However, you want three folds of that.

It works on temporary trends which in its core opposes sustainability.

The lockdown is a lot of things and it's shaking up a lot of us but one thing it's doing right is questioning the future of fashion. Platforms like The Business of Fashion are having conversations along the lines of the above from 2 years ago.

That's beautiful. .

'cause. About damn time.