She stays quiet and unmoving as they enter her midst. They seem to own where they are but they don't own her. She will stay cold, she decides. But then they begin to smile. They're wearing her colours on their bodies.

Could it be that they want to be a part of her? Could it be that they don't want to take anything away from her?

They settle in further and she decides to brighten. It looks like they want to stay. She can feel herself stir and her rigidity give way to ripples and her pieces spill closer to them. They do have beautiful smiles. They lean into her and she leans back, lending her warmth to them. They're paler than her but they look beautiful in her colours. They hold a bright piece of her in their hands but she doesn't mind. She knows them now.

They can hold parts of her as she envelops them in her light.

Keep your hands out of me,

Too many of your kind have hurt me.

I'll take a closer look and Oh.

You're wearing my colours.


You're so pale but you're smiling.

I've seen bright eyes like yours

but I haven't seen that look before.

You look like you love me.

Could that be?

I'll lend some light to your faces.

Your skin looks cold and

I don't want you to leave yet.

Your hands are soft in my waves

I'll let you float here.

You're laughing now and I can't help

but laugh with you and light up.

Stay my lovelies

Stay as long as you like.

I'll warm you up.