Artists note:

I wanted to draw a parallel of royals right here in God's own country, Kerala. Away from their palaces and life of grandeur, nestled in green, these Tamburattis, transport you to a land before your time.

Woven with nostalgia, this is the story of two royals in Kerala, our Tamburattis.

The story in three parts, starts with a character sketch of our Parvathy and Lakshmi. Part l sings the song of Lakshmi followed by part ll which paints the tale of Parvathy. Ending in the part 3 with a glimpse in to their day. The Tamburattis, in the glow of a quiet escape in the lush green landscape of Kerala.

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Part I - Lakshmi

Part II - Parvathy

Part III - Tamburatti

Conceptualized, Art direction & Styling by Me // Garments: Tilfi Banaras // Photographed:  Vishnu Rajan // In frame: Athira Patel & Elizabeth Paul // Makeup and Hair: Suzanne Kurian // Words: Mareena Francis